The Adventures of Bobby O'Shea: Day 3

Check out Bobby O'Shea's latest blog from the NCAA tournament in California.

Today was our day off and what great day it was. After breakfast, Ricky and I decided to go into San Francisco and see Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz. Coach Riley said that his family did not get in on Friday because the tours of Alcatraz were sold out.

When we arrived downtown, we went to Alcatraz first. Well, Matt knew what he was talking about. It was sold out until today. However, we were determined to get to Alcatraz because we drove an hour to get there. So, we stood around for a few minutes and a man came up to the counter and said that his family would not be able to go today, so we took his tickets!!

Alcatraz was amazing. They have an audio tour that is narrated by guards and cons. I highly recommend this tour if you are anywhere near this area.

After the tour and the ride back to the shore, we needed a drink. We walked back to Fisherman's Wharf and had lunch and drink at Hard Rock Cafe. After walking around the wharf a little while, we headed back to the hotel so we could watch the Tennessee women's game with the coaching staff.

The game was good and afterwards we all decided to go to Dave and Busters for dinner with Coach Insell and the rest of the coaches. We were told beforehand that they could accommodate our large group. When we got there, it was pretty busy and they did not have space for us. While we were sitting in the bar, I spied a room off to the side that could accommodate our group. After speaking to the manager, and using some Southern charm, she decided to let us use that room and assigned us a server. It was a great time.

After dinner, we took cabs back to the hotel. Let me tell you, our driver was running the Daytona 500. Our cab ride only cost 18.00 while the other two cost 20.00.

We sat in the hotel for a while and then some people headed out while I headed to the room. It had been a long day, but a good one. I see some "bad business" on the horizon!

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