Blue Raider's Biggest Game...Memphis???

The Blue Raiders travel down I-40 on Oct. 13 to take on in-state rival Memphis.

The months of July and early August can be called the "Calm before the Storm" for many Blue Raider fans. This is the time season tickets are being ordered and plans are being made for the away games.

People select the away games they are going to attend based on different criteria. Many Blue Raider fans will be going to the LSU game because they grew up enjoying SEC football and they enjoy the atmosphere in those venues. Other Blue Raider fans will be going to Louisville because of it's close proximity to Middle Tennessee and the game is nationally televised. Still there are others that will put a premium on the Sun Belt Conference games and they will choose to attend as many of the conference games as their budget will allow. Then you have those that no matter where or when, if the Blue Raiders are playing, they will be there.

As you are making your plans for the away games there's one other game you might want to consider, the University of Memphis. On the surface this appears to be a fun trip...and it should be. Middle Tennessee fans have wanted a match-up with the Tigers for several years. Memphis is a university located in the same state as Middle Tennessee, plus you have Beale Street and Tunica.

In reality, there is more to this trip than going up against an in-state school. Memphis is in Conference-USA. This is a conference that many Blue Raider fans has discussed as being an option down the road for Middle Tennessee. Of course, no one knows what the future holds and no one is suggesting a conference move, but no one knows when another conference realignment will take place.

Middle Tennessee can greatly help their chances when conference realignment takes place if the Blue Raider faithful show up in huge numbers on Oct. 13 in Memphis. One thing is for sure, the C-USA officials will take notice.

So as you make your plans for the upcoming football season, be sure to put Oct. 13 on you list of trips to make. A win against Memphis would be sweet, but just your attendance could make a huge impact in the direction of the Blue Raider program.

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