Practice Report- Thursday Aug. 9

The Blue Raiders hit the field Thursday and was there to cover all the action.

The thermometer outside Murphy Center read 103 when the Blue Raiders took the field for Thursday's practice. Many of the local high schools have been mandated to stay indoors for practice, but the Blue Raiders faced the heat.

The Middle Tennessee staff proved their attention to detail in 2006. 2007 is no different. One of the first drills of the day saw the quarterbacks practicing recovering a botched snap. While the quarterbacks were running this drill the rest of the team was focused on special teams play.

Once again Thursday's practice was spirited and high energy, but handled in a business-like manner. The coaches were focus on all the little details such as footwork and having the wide receivers run perfect routes.

Who's on 2nd?:Quarterback Joe Craddock looked sharp once again. His passes were crisp and on target. No other quarterback has really stepped up their game at this point to claim the #2 position. The reps were evenly divided between Craddock, Patrick Jackson, Gene Delle Donne, Salin Simpson, Dwight Dasher, and Jeremy Perry. One would expect that starting next week the reps would increase for those most likely to see significant playing time.

Receivers keep improving: Bobby Williams had another good day of practice. He has been catching anything that is close to him.
Taron Henry stepped up his game and looked to be ahead of last year's pace.
Patrick Honeycutt made several good catches and looks to be making a run for significant playing time.
Desmond Gee made several good catches and open field moves in the 7 on 7 drills.
True freshman Wes Caldwell looks to be in the mix for playing time.
TE Alvin Ingle made a couple of good catches as well.

Getting defensive: One highlight of the day was JUCO transfer CB Ted Riley against Patrick Honeycutt in the 7 on 7 drills. Honeycutt was going out for a pass. Riley was playing bump-and-run and knocked Honeycutt off his feet. The hit drew praises from cornerbacks coach Antonio Goss.

Safety Anthony Glover came up with an interception in the goal line drills.

Kickin' it around: The kickers used this practice time inside of Floyd Stadium working on their game.

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