Spring Practice is Right Around the Corner

Blue-White game is scheduled for Saturday April 12

In my opinion there are 3 different sport seasons; regular season football, the bowl season, and preseason football. Some sports fans really like the college basketball season. If you are one of these fans then this time of the year is very exciting with March Madness just a couple of weeks away, but I am a football guy. I spend my days thinking about the Blue Raider football team and what we can expect in 2008.

I have already marked on my calendar April 12, which is the day the Blue-White game is scheduled. It's a great time for all of us fans to get a taste of college football six months before the start of the regular season. As I was thinking about the upcoming spring practices and spring game I started to wonder what type of team we will have. We are just a couple of weeks after signing what is arguably the best signing class in Middle Tennessee's history and that is very exciting to us fans. We also have some very talented players returning.

I was scanning the roster when I realize something. We have all heard the stories of our lack of scholarship players, but if you look at the roster, we do not have enough scholarship players for a traditional Blue-White game.

We have one true returning running back, Phillip Tanner. Sure, Desmond Gee is listed as a running back, but I don't look for him to be moved back to running back. He is better out on the edge where his athleticism takes over. Marquise Branton is also listed on the roster as a running back.

That's not the least of our worries. What about the quarterback position? Sure, we have the whole Dwight Dasher/Joe Craddock debate, but Craddock is on the baseball team. I certainly don't look for him to participate in spring practice. We also have Gene Delle Donne, but he is now at tight end. Well, that leaves Salin Simpson..oh, I forgot that he transferred at the end of the season. So, as I look at the roster, Dasher will be our only scholarship quarterback in spring practice.

It's probably a good thing that we do not have too many quarterbacks because we would then have to wonder who they would throw the ball to. With the transfer of Bobby Williams and the departure of Dale Galvin and Walter Dozier, the receiver corps are thin as well. If you include Desmond Gee we have six scholarship receivers on the team.

Our offensive numbers are thin. To be honest, I didn't even look on the defensive side because I was depressed enough as it was. The good news is that we have nearly a full recruiting class and many of these players will make an impact in 2008.

Yes, look for the Blue-White game to take on a different twist this year, but I can assure you one thing, Coach Stockstill loves for it to be competitive and he loves to make the game mean something. Even if the Blue-White game turns out to be a little different format this year it will still be a very exciting and fun time for the fans.

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