What makes a Blue Raider Fan?

A Blue Raider fan's guide and Blue Raider trivia quiz.

Editor's note: This is the first article in a series.

Since moving up in division and joining the Sun Belt Conference in 2001, Middle Tennessee State has seen a large, steady increase in fan support. This series is designed to help educate those new fans with the traditions and history of Blue Raider football.

In the short time since moving to the FBS, Blue Raider fans have become known for certain unique characteristics. Below you will find a list of some of those characteristics.

1) Blue Raider fans have long been known to support their team on the road. There is no doubt that the Middle Tennessee fan base is the best traveled fan base in the Sun Belt and they rival many SEC fan bases. Be it Birmingham, Knoxville, Lexington, Jonesboro, Troy, or anywhere else, the Blue Raider fan base will travel for miles to support their team. A Blue Raider fan realizes that a large part of the Blue Raider experience involves showing their support all over the country.

2) Tailgating is now a large part of the Blue Raider game day experience. Greenland Dr. parking lot, The Grove, RV Row; no matter where one chooses to tailgate they are sure to find a large gathering of Blue Raider fans. A Blue Raider fan will open their tailgate to anyone who passes by on game day. They are known for being some of the friendliest fans pregame. However, this friendliness does not translate over to the actual game.

3) It is a great experience to play out-of-conference opponents, but a Blue Raider fan knows that winning the Sun Belt conference is the ultimate goal and they are very serious about conference games. They know the difference between FAU and FIU and the difference between ULM and ULL.

Take the Blue Raider trivia quiz:

1) In 2001 the Blue Raiders finished the season with an 8-3 record. What 3 teams defeated the Blue Raiders that year?

2) In 2002 the Blue Raiders opened the season on the road against 3 SEC opponents. Name, in order, the 3 opponents that the Blue Raiders played.

3) Middle Tennessee has never beaten a ranked opponent but they did lose to one ranked opponent in overtime. Who was it?

4) In 2001 the Blue Raiders went into the fourth quarter trailing by 24 points, only to score 28 4th quarter points to win the game. Who was the opponent?

5) Middle Tennessee has received how many Top 25 votes since moving to the FBS (D-1A) division?

6) Since moving to the FBS (D-1A), Middle Tennessee has faced 11 of the 12 SEC teams. Which SEC team have the Blue Raiders not played?

7) In 2002 the Blue Raiders defeated Vanderbilt for the 2nd consecutive season. Middle Tennessee won the game 21-20. Who was Vanderbilt's QB?

Answers: 1) LSU, Ole Miss., North Texas 2) Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky 3) Missouri 4)New Mexico State 5) 1 in the 2002 preseason poll 6) Auburn 7) Benji Walker

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