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Once the hangover from the 2009 New Orleans Bowl finally wore off, Blue Raider fans began to prepare for the 2010 season. Early on, some were worried that the losses at WR would be difficult to overcome, but a few JUCO transfers added some depth and a bit of relief. Now that former Volunteer wideout Todd Campbell plans to finish his career at MTSU, fans should be as excited as ever.

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"I've been in Knoxville three years, and it's fine, but I'm at a point where I want to be a little closer to my family," Campbell tells as he takes a break from packing for the move. "I'm originally from KY so most of my family has to drive about five hours to get to Knoxville. When I realized that I wanted to transfer I wanted to look at schools that were close to home. That's when Middle Tennessee came into play."

Regardless of the reason, Blue Raider fans should be ecstatic to have a talent like Campbell's headed to Murfreesboro. The icing on the cake, though, is the fact that once cleared by the NCAA, Campbell would be eligible to play this season. According to Todd, that's just a matter of time.

"I talked to MT's compliance officer and he said we're just waiting on the NCAA," Campbell says. "It could take anywhere from one week to three weeks."

Campbell goes on to say that if everything goes as planned, he should be able to enroll following the second Summer session. As far as the staff is concerned, the sooner the better. In Campbell, the Blue Raiders add a former 3-star recruit, who boasted scholarship offers from Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Alabama coming out Franklin High School in 2007.

Unfortunately, everything didn't work out so well for him once he arrived on campus in Knoxville. In three years, he played in just three games and didn't catch a single pass during that time, but he's quick to claim that fans shouldn't count him out.

"As a guy who hasn't caught a pass in two years, I'm kind of itching to get out there and do it," Campbell laughs. "I know I didn't play in many games at Tennessee, but I'm not worried about it. I practiced with the speed. I practiced up to SEC speed and that's as fast as speed gets, so I don't think people need to question whether I'll be able to keep up."

While Middle Tennessee first appealed to Todd for its proximity to home, his initial visit quickly solidified his position on the program.

"When I got to take my visit I sat down with Coach Watts and we got to watch two full game films. From talking to him, he knows what he's doing," says Campbell. "He's real down to Earth, real mellow. I can tell in his demeanor that he's a person who likes to get stuff done and that's what I like. He's demanding and this is a demanding game."

Campbell spoke fondly of his future position coach, but he also had some high praise for the head man himself, Coach Rick Stockstill.

"I really like Coach Stock. He seems like a genuine guy. He reminds me a lot of Coach Fulmer and Coach Cutcliffe. He's a coach who actually cares about his players and cares about what's going on and wants to be a part of your life. Whereas Kiffin was all about running it as a business, Coach Stockstill is all about developing young men and I think that's the type of chemistry you need to develop a good team. That's what made MTSU stand out in my mind."

Hopefully Campbell can stand out to fans as much as the program has stood out to him thus far. When asked what he considers to be his best asset as a player, Campbell quickly responded saying its his ability to get open.

"I'm one of those guys that's always gonna be there. I'm gonna get open," he laughs. "When the quarterback needs to find somebody on third down, I try to be the guy who you can plan on catching it. I want to be the go-to guy."

The go-to position is one of need thanks to the graduation of key receivers from the 2009 squad, and Campbell will certainly get a look in coach Mike Schultz's offense this season. Fans can get their first glimpse on Sep. 2, when the Blue Raiders host the Golden Gophers of Minnesota in the season opener.

Extra Extra:

Campbell on Middle Tennessee's offense:
"As a player it fits me because I'm a receiver and as a receiver when you watch game film, especially at a school you're considering, you like to see them throw the ball. When I watched those games with Watts, he kept explaining to me you can see we're in three-wide here or four-wide. There aren't too many sets in the I. Even on fourth down, they're in four wide. As a receiver that fits me. I want you to throw the ball in my direction."

On his graduate work and enrollment status: "I'm trying to get admitted into the school of business administration and entrepreneurship. I do not know my status on that. I haven't been accepted. I'm still waiting on a clearance letter from the NCAA. I haven't even been accepted into MTSU, I think they're still waiting on a proof-of-graduation from Tenn. And I won't have that til Thursday. That's what I'm trying to do."

Stay tuned to for more on Todd and the rest of the 2010 team!

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