Conflicting Ideologies

For mid-majors around the country, success is accompanied by two things: disparaging comments about their strength of schedule and speculation about where their head coach will end up next. Middle Tennessee is certainly not immune to this reality as seen this past off-season. So what does the future hold if MTSU keeps up its success on the field?

Rick Stockstill is in a unique situation. He's completely transformed Middle Tennessee's football program into a successful conference contender with aspirations of a Top 25 ranking. He's stated his desire to follow in the footsteps of his college coach, Bobby Bowden, and build a national powerhouse out of nothing. He's reportedly received and turned down two job offers upwards of $1 million a year. All indications are that he's happy with the program he built and is enjoying his time in Murfreesboro.

Still, it's human nature to want to move up the ladder. Whether it be into a corner office or a BCS school, the expectation is that people want to move up and move on. With Stockstill, this could be an interesting process. At 52, he doesn't quite fit the mold of the young, energetic coaches that most AQ programs are looking for when it's time to reboot their program, but at the same time he's proven he can build a program and win.

So what happens if Middle Tennessee puts up another 10 win season? Do even bigger names go after Stockstill? Probably.

Does he leave? No clue.

When Stockstill spurned the ECU offer, he was quoted as saying it wouldn't be fair to the players. While this might not have deterred every coach around the country, it was obviously a factor for Coach Stock, who has proven to be a man of character during his tenure at Middle. This begs the question of when would it be fair to leave?

Regardless of the factors, Stockstill will likely have a tough decision each and every off-season. Basically, there are conflicting ideologies at work here. Does he stay and build his own legacy like Bowden did at Florida State? Or does he take a page out of Urb Meyer guide to coaching and weave a path to the BCS by hopping from mid-major to mid-major?

Regardless of his decision, Blue Raider fans will probably be on pins and needles each and every offseason from now going forward.

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