SLP Spotlight: Tracy Hampton

Welcome to the first edition of the SLP Spotlight, which will be taking a look at each and every Blue Raider commit throughout the season. The goal is to provide a candid evaluation of each future Blue Raider player.

It is easy to just label a player with a number ranking or a star. We have become accustomed to just stopping at a player's ranking, and making a choice about how good he will be in his college career. The SLP SPOTLIGHT will go a step further by using film evaluation with an emphasis on how a player fits into the current offensive or defensive system to make an assessment of a student athlete. Overton High School's Tracy Hampton is a great player to begin our look at the 2011 Middle Tennessee recruiting class.

Considering football players today can get to enormous statures, Hampton is what we will call a small athlete. The senior to be is not going to wow anyone with size or measurable numbers. Height, weight, forty times and so on can be deceiving. However, in most cases, film doesn't lie. In the case of Hampton, he seems to find a way to get things done. Here is a look into what I see as far as his current strengths and weaknesses.

· Offensive system fit
· Great inline acceleration
· Solid change of direction
· Above average football instincts
· Has skill set to be a corner

· Strength
· Blocking
· Body growth potential

Scouting Overview
In my mind, the biggest asset for Hampton is that he is a perfect fit for the spread offense at MSTU. The 5'10" Hampton has all the makings of a good slot receiver for the Blue Raiders system. Inline acceleration and change of direction skills are a must for a slot to be successful in today's game, and Overton High senior has these skills. Quick routes, screens and sweeps will be something that Hampton should be able execute immediately in this version of the spread. Couple all of this with a knack for making plays, and Tracy Hampton should make a good fit in Murfreesboro.

Adding strength while at MTSU will be a must for Hampton. Although spread systems don't always require great blocking from WRs, Tracy will have to prove that he can mix it up enough to aid in the run game by blocking. Hampton has to make sure, while adding size to his smaller frame, that his doesn't sacrifice quickness and agility.

Future Projection
Where will Hampton be 5 years from now? That is the million dollar question. I think Hampton will be a good fit at slot or cornerback. Tracy's overall skill set should allow for him to find a home at either position. I think Hampton is more prepared to contribute early at the slot position. However, I believe his long range potential may be a little higher at the corner position because of his football instincts. I do believe that signing with a spread team makes Tracy Hampton a little more attractive from a ranking stand point.

Tracy Hampton Profile ranking: 2 star
SLP Athletic grade: Low 2 Star
SLP Grade considering system fit: Low 3 to High 2 Star
Player that Hampton most resembles: Anthony Gulley (Auburn - 2009)

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