SLP Spotlight: Jason Rexroad

In this week's SLP spotlight, we will review a position that can make or break a program. Almost any time you pick up a magazine you see a fantastic offensive skill player. It is no secret that skill players normally get the limelight. However, in front of each of those dynamic skill players that you see on the cover, you will more than likely see a big ugly Offensive Lineman leading the way.

Jason Rexroad Profile

Offensive and Defensive Line prospects are hotly recruited positions in every recruiting class. Some classes will see as many as 10 of these big men signed each year. Considering that they tend to be the biggest people on campus, it is no wonder that the Offensive Lineman command big time attention. MTSU 2011 commitment Jason Rexroad will be getting plenty of attention over the next 5 years.

Myrtle Beach High School senior to be, Jason Rexroad is a good looking Offensive Line prospect. This era of Lineman can capture our attention with pure size. There is lot more to Rexroad than a big check after the post game meal. Here is a look at some of the things that will make a difference for the 2011 MTSU commit.

· High Effort Player
· Solid Feet
· Plays the game with a mean streak
· Athletic for his position
· Versatile enough to play each position

· Pass Blocking Footwork
· Initial Explosion
· Plays a little high

Scouting Overview
I love seeing Linemen like Jason Rexroad. When you see a big man getting after the opponent every single play, you are more than likely watching a guy that can help you win. Good feet and versatility will make Rexroad a good option at any of the positions for MTSU Offensive Line Coach Jimmy Ray Stephens. The mean streak that Rexroad takes to the field with him every night makes him a tough assignment for any Defensive Lineman.

The spread system at MTSU will require more than its fare share of pass blocking. Pass blocking requires good technique to master the art. Rexroad will get plenty of work in this area over the next few years. Jason gets a ton of pancake and knockdown blocks with his effort and motor. He can overwhelm defenders because he continues to come after them. Rexroad will need to work on initial punch and explosion to maximize his abilities in Murfreesboro.

Future Projection
Middle Tennessee has done a fantastic job in nabbing Jason Rexroad. I really like the way he approaches the game. Rexroad could make a bigger jump in 2010 if he works as hard in the weight room as he does on the field. Jason will be a big time contributor for the Blue Raider program over the next few years. It is kids like Rexroad that turn into mid-round NFL draft picks. The real test over the next 7 months will be seeing if MTSU can hold on to the 2011 senior. With the way that Lineman are being recruited by the big programs these days, Jason could see a BCS team come calling before signing day. Let's hope that Rexroad is wearing Blue and Silver in 2011. ranking: 2 star
SLP Athletic grade: 3 Star
SLP Grade considering system fit: 3 Star
Player that Rexroad most resembles: Taylor Pharr (Alabama 2006)

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