Weber There for Hoese

Adam talks about what his teammate, roommate, and friend Jon Hoese is going through.

On what he and his teammates can do to help ease the pain for Jon Hoese…

"I don't know. Jon's a roommate of mine and it's one of those things that not too many people understand what he's going through. So all you can do is be that shoulder for him when he needs it."

"What's amazing about Jon Hoese's family is they're so strong and they're so optimistic, they see things as the glass is half full. But right now is a tough time and you really don't know what to do. We all tell him that when he comes back, whatever he needs, we're here for him."

On if football can be an escape from the pain for Jon Hoese…

"Definitely. You know his whole family has taken so much pride in Jon becoming the football player that he is and also the person. Being a walk-on coming and here and becoming a captain and becoming a leader on this team. Football can be a great outlet for somebody who's had a hard time."

"Really that's a decision he has to make and you try to put yourself in his shoes and I don't know the decision I would make because losing a father is…I don't think there's anything worse than that."

On if he's talked to Jon Hoese…

"I talked to him a little bit last night. I didn't want to encroach too much; I thought it was a time for his family and his close friends. I just sent him a text message saying that if he needs anything I'm always here so just don't feel like you can't talk to me.

"It's a tough thing because you're not sure how people are going to deal with it. Just letting him know that we're all here for him and that we love him."

On being able to give Jon Hoese the game ball after the MTSU game…

"It was really neat. That whole game, that whole entire game, when get got down to the goal line and Jon's number was called, you knew he was going to get in the end zone. Every single time he did that, in the back of my head it's like he did that for his dad."

"It was very neat. It was one of those storybook stories where you come out there in a time of need and have an awesome game."

"That was very neat for us in the locker room as a whole entire team. Some of the guys lifted him up their shoulders and were chanting his name. I thought it was really cool afterward that he thanked us for all the support because it's been helping him along the way. That was a very, very neat time for the whole entire team."

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