Coach Brewster After Practice

On Wednesday, Coach Brewster addressed members of the media after practice to discuss James Manuel, playing at home and the receivers' role in the rushing attack.

Freshman safety James Manuel has been a bright spot on the team during the preseason and after the Gophers' first game against Middle Tennessee State.

Coach Brewster describes Manuel as a "student of the game." Brewster went on to explain how being a student of football is no different than being a student at the University. Brewster said, "Football is like a class. And what you do is you study for a class."

He went on to say, "Football is no different than any class on campus. And so we study it that way and teach guys to study the game from that standpoint, from that view point, of taking great notes."

If Manuel continues to work hard and have solid preparations for game he should be able to become an instant impact player.

Brewster said of Manuel, "He's doing a good job. I don't think it's too big for him. I think that he is picking things up."

When asked if some players were more nervous to play in front of their home crowd compared to playing on the road, Brewster said, "I think there's going to be a little bit more level of comfort. Now, without questions there's going to be some guys who are a little nervous, butterflies, and they should. That's a good thing. But I think that for the most part the level of comfort at home is great than it is on the road."

The Gophers' first home against the University of South Dakota will be a test of nerves for some starters playing their first game at TCF Bank Stadium.

One area of change from last season is the increased blocking role of the wide receivers.

When asked how the wide receivers have adjusted to the change Brewster said, "They did a nice a job, they did a great job in the first game. As we move forward we'll certainly be more balanced, as I said, incorporate the throwing game more in what we're trying to do."

"But again, we want to establish the face that each and every game we're in we're going to run the football and run it well. But those guys are such a big part of our running game because we run a lot of plays to the edge, we get the back into the secondary, their blocks are key to making an explosive run."

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