Coach Brewster Weekly Presser

During his weekly press conference coach Tim Brewster touched on a number of topics including the loss to Wisconsin, his renewed trust in Troy Stoudermire, and the lack of production from MarQueis Gray over the last two games.

"As I said after the game Saturday at Wisconsin, I thought that it was a tale of two halves. Certainly, in the first half, we did some things that gave us a chance to be in the football game at halftime; and in the second half, we didn't do the things necessary didn't play, and didn't finish a 60 minute football game. And that's exactly why we got the end result we got."

"Did we anticipate in any way, shape or form being 1 and 5 at this point? Absolutely not. We felt like we have more talent on our football team than a 1 and 5 football team is right now. But your record is indicative of who you are. It is who you are."

When Troy Stoudermire returned from his suspension coach Brewster mentioned that the wide receiver must earn his trust back. Has he done that?

"He really has," Brewster said. "There are different points in young people's lives when they make poor decisions. I think the really promising thing about those are when a kid thinks about the decision he made, understanding there are consequences, and is truly remorseful. And that's what Troy has been."

"He's worked really hard at being a good teammate. You know, being a positive leader on our team. He's a guy who can affect the game, who can change the game. He commands leadership by how he plays the game. But I want him also to command leadership in the locker room and away from the game with the other players, and I think he's really done a good job with that."

MarQuies Gray has been held to only four catches for 22 yards in the last two games against Big Ten opponents but says he's not concerned with his lack of production.

"Not necessarily. We're going to make sure that MarQueis gets his opportunities," Brewster explained. "We're going to give him opportunities in each game. I think every time he goes out there as a wide receiver, he gains more confidence and does more things."

"Now, he's also understanding that people game plan against him. We're not in the backyard playing pick up. I'm going to run down to the post and turn in. There is a really refined aspect of what he's got to do at the position, and I think he's learning well."

"His patience versus rolled coverage, safety over the top, bracket, in and out type of coverage to try to limit him, he's understanding that you've got to have patience against that type of coverage when you get your opportunities you take advantage of them."

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