Blown Calls Hurt Gophers Early

Saturday brought yet another loss to the struggling Gophers against one of their rivals. The story of the game was a series of questionable calls by the officials. Players and coaches commented on the blown calls after the game.

The first questionable call was when Penn State was driving in the second quarter with the score tied at seven. On third-and-4 at the Gophers' 21-yard line, the Nittany Lions threw the ball to the end zone. The ball was overthrown and seemingly uncatchable but Troy Stoudermire was flagged for a weak pass interference.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, the calls did not get called both way and the Gophers knew it. With a little over four minutes left in the game, Adam Weber threw a jump ball to Da'Jon McKnight in the end zone where McKnight fell before the ball got to him in a play that appeared to be interference.

After the game McKnight said, "I felt the dude had my jersey and he stopped me from getting to the ball and he obviously but you know, the ref didn't call it. That's how the game went." Adam Weber said of the play, "The ref saw it one way, we saw it another way."

Interim head coach Jeff Horton was also surprised with the call. He said, "I saw a guy (McKnight) on the ground and usually you don't fall down. But you know, that's the way they saw it, we got to live with it. I just want it to be the same. You know, if you're going to call things, call them."

Horton went on to comment on the penalties by saying, "You want the guys to be aggressive. I don't know if I agree with everything but I got to live with it. But those are crucial calls. I think the one at the other end is a crucial call also. That's 14 to seven now next thing you know its 21 to seven and you think you're going to tie the game up but you know what, it's our job to overcome those things and we got to find a way to do that."

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