Horton Press Conference - Intro

MINNEAPOLIS -- GoldenSports.net's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from interim head coach Jeff Horton. Hear what Horton had to say about MarQueis Gray playing more from under center and running a dual-quarterback system.

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"Starting the game, I wish I had a better answer for you. We get a great kick return, moved the ball down the field, just missed hooking up in the end zone, then we miss a makeable field goal. When you're a team that's struggling, you need every frickin' thing to go right that you can.

"You can say, let's move, on, let's get better, we'll be okay. But you know what? We're not okay when that happens. We need some 'mojo'. Every chance we get a chance to get some, we need to get it. That hurts us.

"I thought offensively we have to really improve in the red zone and on third down. I thought that was two areas where we didn't play as well as we could have in the game and we've got to get better at this week.

"I thought John Butler had a great call on the fake punt. He'd been working it for weeks. I told him, Whenever you feel good with it, let it rip. [I] got no problem with that. You think you got the look, call it and go with it. Obviously executed and worked. That was good for the Gophers.

"Thought MarQueis came in and did some good things on offense. It was a package we had worked on during the week. Tried to change some things up. I thought he handled it very well.

"I think we can keep building on it. I think as we go into this week, we'll continue to do those things and play both quarterbacks. I think it's a good combination. I think you probably saw where he needs to play to receiver, too, because he can't throw it to himself and catch it. He can still make some good plays at receiver for us.

"I think both him and Adam hopefully over the last two games can give us some extra benefits and be able to attack defenses a little differently and try to do some things to them.

"We have no consistency punting the ball. We don't have any consistency. Obviously I don't feel comfortable kicking field goals. You know, we opened it up for competition last week. It was hands down who won. We just got to be able to execute it in the game and do those things."


"I do know watching the film from a year ago against us, they had nine sacks against the Gophers last year. They have all those guys back. So we'll have to really be on top of that, be able to account for those guys.

"On offense, it's a totally different package. They run option football. They run a lot of different things. It's assignment football. It's not the old on defense, you see the ball, you go chase the ball. Can't do that.

"Scheelhaase, the quarterback, has done an outstanding job from the where he started at the beginning of the year to where he is now. Making a lot of plays for them, they really trust him. He's really been doing a really good job for them.

"It's going to be a challenge for our defense, it's like trying to prepare for an Air Force or a Navy. It's hard to simulate what they can run, the option, the game speed in practice.

"I think it's going to be a great challenge for us. We got to play better, do the little things that will give us a chance to win football games. We got to play four quarters of football. It can't be a half, it can't be three quarters. We haven't been able to put together, probably other than the first game, to be able to play all four quarters."

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