Horton Press Conference - Intro

MINNEAPOLIS -- GoldenSports.net's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from interim head coach Jeff Horton.

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"I had to come up with some new material following the win obviously. I know the sideline reporter asked me going into the locker room we were ahead 17 to 7. What are you going to say to the team? Shoot, I didn't know because we hadn't been ahead at halftime. Probably nothing, and that's why we won.

"It was an awesome feeling down there. I know it's been almost two weeks now, week and a half. Just, you know, because it's been month and a half, you know, it's a tough grind every day just trying to keep guys going, players, coaches, myself, and keep moving in the right direction.

"To see the kids and the coaches get that reward with the victory was an awesome feeling. I think obviously it was emotional on the field for coaches and players, and when we they went down in front of the stands.

"And like I said, in the locker room, I mean, you thought we'd won the championship. But you know what, that's all right. When you're a team that's struggling and you get some success, it's okay to celebrate. I was really proud of them, because nobody expected us to win that game, and nobody believed we would do very much.

"We always say faith is belief without evidence. They kept believing and kept the faith, and it paid off for them. That was great, because it's easy to walk away from it, or that's what most people expect."


"One thing you know when you play Iowa…They're not going to try to fool on offense. They're not going to try to fool you on defense. I think they play the best fundamentals of anybody in the Big 10. Believe in what they do. They're not going to try to change what they do. They're just going to line up and be exactly where they're supposed to be or block a play exactly how they're supposed to. That's why they've been so successful.

"They're going to be very, very solid. I think they play to their strengths defensively. They're a Top 10 team in the nation. I think they're No. 2 in the nation in turnover margin, so they set that defense up well by being smart on offense and not trying to get outside and do something they're not.

"They're a physical football team. I think Saturday the most physical team will win. It's gonna be like a heavy weight fight. Just gotta keep getting up and getting off the bench and coming out there and throwing punches. It should be a special day."

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