UM-NDSU: Players Postgame

MINNEAPOLIS --'s postgame press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from Blake Hoffarber and Colton Iverson.

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On Rodney Williams going down…
"Yea it's a little scary anytime someone goes down like that in a game and their not able to come back into the game or suit up. It's definitely bad to lose someone like that but hopefully he can get treatment. We have a couple days off before the next game so hopefully he can get a lot of treatment and get healthy sooner."

On Puerto Rico trip and being tired…
"Any time you have three games like that and the Siena game was right close to the tournament too so we had a bunch of games right in a row. It definitely wears out your legs but I think coach did a good job of making practices a little shorter and stuff like that; worrying about our legs. Tonight I think everyone was fine leg-wise and stamina-wise."


On Rodney Williams going down…
"It was kind of scary with Rodney going down but I think he'll be alright. It was just precautionary that he sat out the rest of the game. So hopefully he'll be back but I mean we all just wanted to go out there and work hard and come away with the win. It was kind of a scary game coming back after winning the tournament. We know NDSU is a very tough team so we're just glad we came away with the win tonight."

On NDSU having a lot of shots blocked but they kept coming…
"Yea that was key for them…attacking the basket. I think that's how they stayed in the game especially in the first half. They kept attacking the basket. I mean even if they were getting their shots blocked they kept attacking and that was key for them and apart of their game plan."

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