Quotes and Notes: Tubby Smith

MINNEAPOLIS -- Quotes and audio from Tubby Smith after practice on December, 30th.

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Coach Tubby Smith on the loss of Mo Walker
"You know this is a recovery week for us. We've got a lot of things going on, with Maurice Walker, losing him for the season is a real, been a blow to us. And I thought we could've used him in the game against Wisconsin, a big body, and that's going to be one of the issues going up against Michigan State. They're a team that's very talented. "


On the possibility of Elliot Eliason playing for the injured Mo Walker
"I'm watching a guy like Elliot who's playing extremely in practice. You know, so I don't want to get, you know, I want to do justice for him but I've got to first look out for the program and do what's best for the program. And certainly I think that may be something we have to look at, in bringing him out of redshirt. I'm serious about that because I think that, God forbid anything to happen to any our other of our big men, then we're down to two guys like we were last year. "


On the Gopher freshman being able to play in a hostile environment
"I thought they did a good job the other day for us. You know, I probably should have played them more and we'd probably been a little fresher and I thought that kind of hurt us at the end there. We kind of were a little winded."

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