UM-IU Postgame: Al Nolen

MINNEAPOLIS -- Quotes and audio from Al Nolen after Tuesday's victory of the Indiana Hoosiers. Nolen had 14 points, six rebounds, four assists and four steals in the game.

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Al Nolen on stepping up in the absence of Devoe Joseph and Mo Walker:
"I definitely feel like with the things that's been going on, you know, coach really told guys it's time to step up. The team's getting thin and so everybody needed to play well and I think that me and Rodney stepped up tonight. Maverick came in and really stepped up, hit some huge threes for us. I think guys took it as a challenge in the second half to really get us back on track and, you know, protect our home court."

On the emotional drain of losing Devoe Joseph:
"I know, I definitely know that it was a different feeling going into the locker room and not seeing him there. And I was talking to the guys, you know, ‘This really feels odd for us' but you know we were able to get it together in the second half and really make a move."

On being a leader to the team:
"I definitely take on a leadership role, you know, being here for three years. And some of the stuff that's going on with the losses, I've been there before with the mishaps of guys being gone. I personally, I've been out before. I've been there done that so I take it upon myself to try to help out and lead the team and get everybody's mind right."

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