UM-IU Postgame: Tubby Smith

MINNEAPOLIS -- Quotes and audio from Tubby Smith after beating Indiana. Smith and the Gophers are now 12-3 overall and 1-2 in the Big Ten.

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Tubby Smith's opening statement:
"It was a real tough win for us, one that we needed. A lot of distractions that we've had, especially of late, with Devoe Joseph leaving the team. You always wonder about how your team is going to respond but I thought our kids came ready to play. We did some good things, we did some poor things."

On if he would like to comment on Devoe Joseph's situation:
No, that's all I'm saying about it. Thank you.


On Rodney Williams attacking the basket:
"Well it energizes you because the team is very, he's physical and it kind of demoralizes the opponent if you going in and have a spectacular play at the basket."

On the struggles with the half-court offense:
"I think we're not shooting the ball well from the outside. Simple as that, I just said, Trevor didn't make any open shots, Ralph's not making the open shot. And then when you're not making the shots you're supposed to make inside it makes it even tougher."

On how to develop a backup point guard mid-season:
"Like we did tonight. Maverick played pretty good. He knocked down, made two of his jumpers, two out of four. I'll take that all night long. Three rebounds, 16 minutes, I think he's already there."

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