Hollins Keeps Improving

Goldensports.net caught up with signee Andre Hollins to discuss his season, what he is working and how he can help the Gophers next season.

How has your season been going so far?
"The season has been going well so far, our record is 15-3."

Do you know what you're averaging for points, assists and rebounds?
"I think I'm averaging 25 points per game, five rebounds and two assists."

You dropped 46 points against Findlay Prep, one of the best teams in the country. How did that feel and what was going well for you that night?
"I felt good that night. We made a statement that night and we could've played much better. It was one of those games that we had but let slip away."

You've got to do some traveling, playing against some tough teams. How do you think that will help next year playing at the college level?
"By traveling all over the country playing ball I think that really helps at the next level because I will be accustomed to it."

What parts of your game have gotten better this season?
"My ball handling, court awareness, and feel for the game and my leadership skills have improved."

What are you still working on?
"I still need to work on making my handle tighter, decision making and clock management."

After watching the Gophers play this season, what do you think of how the team looks and what you will bring to the team next fall?
"I really like how the team looks and I look to bring the same defensive presence and leadership Al Nolen brings and also being a threat to score."

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