Osunde Striving For Thorpe Award

Junior Osunde's personal goal for next season is simple. He wants to win the prestigious Thorpe award which honors the best defensive back in college football. Go inside to read what else the already enrolled 5-foot-11, 195-pound cornerback had to say.

How was your official visit to Minnesota? What did you like best or learn from it?
"I loved it. I liked the stadium and the locker room. Everything about the program impressed [me] from the academic level, to football facilities and coaching staff. I loved it all."

What was your impression of meeting coach Jerry Kill for the first time?
"Man coach Kill is a one of a kind guy. He's a great person and when I looked in his eyes I knew he was a winner. You can tell he's a player's coach and he loves the job he does.

"I knew in my heart and believe he's gonna get this Minnesota program back on track and get us off to a good season. I'm telling you he's a great guy and everywhere he's been he has been a winner. I know he's gonna take us to a good bowl game."

Do you have any personal or team goals for next season?
"Yes I wanna help get this team back to a bowl game. And I also wanna help this team have a winning season and I will do my all to help us do so."

Got that Thorpe award in mind?
"Yes sir! I plan on winning that Thorpe. I will strive to be the best corner in college football. And I can promise some turnovers will come if teams throw this way."

Did coach Kill talk to you are coming in right away and competing for a starting spot?
Yes he knows I'm a competitor and coming to get me from Juco…he's coming to get me to come in and have a immediate impact and compete for a starting job."

What do you bring as a player and teammate to a football team?
"I bring leadership on and off the field. I also treat my teammates like brothers. It's more then just football. I try my best to be there for my teammates on and off the field. I also bring a lot of energy to my team I will be sure to keep everyone hyped."

Do you have any idea what you want to major in yet?
"Sports Management."

Have you picked out a number yet?
"I want the number one, two or seven."

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