UM-MSU Postgame: Tom Izzo

MINNEAPOLIS — Quotes and audio from Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo after beating Minnesota.

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TOM IZZO -- Part 1

Tom Izzo on Tuesday's game:
"I don't know what to say about that game. It was the most bizarre game."

On his players:
"We had a lot that didn't play great yet made great plays. Durrell [Summers] missed shot after shot, hit that big three. Keith Appling struggled most of the game and hit four free throws that were one-and ones. I think we made six in a row that were all one-and-ones. Those are big throws. We had a lot of guys that just helped but it was Kalin [Lucas] and Draymond Green who we went through and made some big, big plays."

On stopping Blake Hoffarber in the second half:
"You know that was a lot Appling and a lot, I can't even remember my own guys I got so many new guys, [Mike] Kebler. Those two guys and Lucas. Lucas played pretty good defensively. But we just said we're going to Velcro him and stay with him."

TOM IZZO -- Part 2

On his team's inconsistency:
"I thought every guy gave us something and yet every guy except our main two had some breakdowns too."

On shooting zero free throws in the first half:
"I thought we were very passive offensively in the first half. We weren't cutting very sharp. We were never getting the ball inside. For us to settle for 24 threes. Its hard to get against them with that zone because they're so big but at the same time I don't think we did a very good job even trying to.

On what the win means for Michigan State: "As I said, I'm not going to talk about the tournament because I don't know what it does because we still got to win games. But it's a road win. We are playing better the last four games, at least defensively. Coming off those six games when my mother could have scored on us I think it's a huge improvement."

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