Isaac Hayes Talks Favorites

Mendota Heights (Minn.) St. Thomas Academy offensive guard Isaac Hayes already one of the most heavily recruited players in Minnesota this year. caught up with the 6-foot-2, 265-pounder to discus the latest in his recruitment.

How was it meeting with coach Kill and the other coaches?
"It was great I really liked the Minnesota coaching staff. They were all down to earth and pretty funny."

How was coach Limegrover—did you get along well with him?
"Yeah, I really hit it off with him. He's a great guy and has a good sense of humor."

Did the coaches talk to you about an offer?
"Yeah coach Kill actually offered me at the junior day."

How did it feel getting an offer from Minnesota?
"It felt great getting an offer from my home state."

What impressed you the most about either the campus or football facilities?
"I really like the locker room. It's one of the biggest in the nation and I feel like that would allow the players to create a bond with each other."

How was it with meeting the other recruits?
"Yeah I talked to the Cretin-Derham Hall guys a lot and they're all pretty cool. I've known Taylor Montero since I was in kindergarten so it was fun to hangout with him."

Do you have any other visits planned to get back to Minnesota this spring?
"Yeah, I plan on going out to spring practice and games. Coach Kill said that we should be able to see everything that Minnesota is about so we can sit in on meetings and things like that so that would be cool to do."

Did the coaches try and get you to commit after they offered you?
"No they didn't actually. Coach Kill was talking about how we need to look at a school thoroughly before we commit and he said that we should make sure that it is a good fit for us so he didn't put any pressure on me. I plan on looking deep at the school and making sure it's the right place."

Do you have any other junior days scheduled this spring?
"I do not have any other junior days planned yet."

Did they talk about academics at all on the trip?
"Yes they did. They talked about how you are going to Minnesota to get education first and that if you do not meet the requirements for academics you will have consequences."

Do you have a current top 5 of top 3 out of your current offers?
"Just out of my current offers—probably Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Wyoming, Navy and Air Force."

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