Westerkamp Making Rounds

Jordan Westerkamp, the talented wide receiver from Lombard Montini (Ill.), has been making a circuit around the Midwest visiting schools. This past weekend Westerkamp visited the University of Minnesota. GoldenSports.net was able to catch up with him to see how his visit and recruitment has been going.

This past weekend Jordan Westerkamp made visits to both the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin. This has been the status quo for him—over the past four weeks he has visited one school on Saturday and then the next on Sunday. He explained his reasoning for this.

"I've pretty much been all around the Midwest," Westerkamp said. "I'm just trying to get these visits out of the way so I can get a better feel for my top choices. In about two weeks I'll be able to rest, relax and catch up on sleep."

Westerkamp doesn't have a favorite but plans on whittling down his top schools in a few weeks.

"I'm keeping more of an open mind, once I finish up most of my visits which should be fairly soon," he said. "Then I will decide and knock out a few schools and have a top five."

What are some of the factors he'll be looking at when he finally makes a decision?

"The biggest one would be knowing that I'll fit in and that I will be able to enjoy myself for four years. Because I don't want to go to a place where I go I don't want to be here after a year.

"It's going to be that the coaching staff, the football program and the academics are another big one, but I know that all of the schools that have offered me have great academics. And I just want to be surrounded by great people and be where I can fit in and enjoy myself."

What did he and his parents do when they were on campus for his visit?

"It was really good, it went really well," the 6-foot-1 wide receiver prospect said. "We got a tour of all of the facilities. I got to sit down with coach Kill, which was pretty neat and he's a pretty good guy.

"We went to the basketball game against Penn State. After that we sat in on position meetings and got to meet with wide receivers coach Pat Poore. We talked a little bit of football so overall the trip was a great trip and I really enjoyed."

What was his favorite part of the trip?

"Probably talking with coach Kill, he's a real good guy I really liked him," Westerkamp explained. "I liked his philosophy, he turned the program at Northern Illinois around and I really have faith with him at Minnesota and I know he'll be doing some good things. He was really excited so it's really exciting to hear him excited so that was probably the best part."

Who has been his main recruiter?

"Coach Zebrowski, coach Z he's been talking to me. He's been to my school a couple of times, e-mails, phone calls and facebook so we stay in good contact."

What does he plan on working on during the off-season?

"I have that never be satisfied attitude, where there's always room for improvement everywhere," he said. "I will always be striving to get better, so that never satisfied attitude that's what I base everything off of. I'm always trying to get better everywhere."

Westerkamp currently holds offers from Boston College, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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