Quotes and Audio: Jerry Kill Part 3

Listen to what Coach Kill has to say about Kim Royston, former coach Murray Warmath as well as some keys to the 2011 season.

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"He [Kim Royston] got the green light to go today. We'll be careful with him though. I told Coach Sawvel that we've got to be careful there. You know the kid hasn't played in a long time, critical injury. He's done a great job of working his tailend to get back. But we'll need to be careful with him. But he'll be full go tomorrow. And that's a credit to him. That's a credit to him and his hard work."


"That's the great thing about walking in to Coach Warmath's memorial the other day. I walked in there, there's no getting better than that. I mean I hope I can be like that someday. When I pass on I hope I can have people drive from Arkansas Pine Bluff to say hey you know what, ‘When I played for that guy, Coach Warmath's a hard man.' But you know what, ten years down the road, ‘Coach Warmath's a good man.' I hope I have the respect someday."


"Looking at our roster, we're a young football team. We really are. I mean we're really young, young football team. So those redshirt kids, those kids are going to get bloodied up in the spring a little bit."

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