Quotes and Audio: Jerry Kill Post-Practice

MINNEAPOLIS — After practice on Thursday, head coach Jerry Kill addressed the media and discussed star players Kim Royston, MarQueis Gray and Eric Lair.

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Coach Kill on his message to the team at the end of practice:

"That's just Coach Kill. Nothing harsh, that's just how I teach. I think I've been pretty consistent for five days, I tell it like it is. I expect people to play hard and work hard all the time. I think they did fine but I think we could do better. I'll always strive to get the best out of anybody you work with. Who wants to be around people that are just going to be okay? You want to try and be the best. We're not here forever in life. There's a lot of people that just kind of go through life and just kind of go halfway through. I want to go full speed and I want our football team to go full speed."

On Kim Royston:

"Where he's at right now, he'll be very valuable to us. I think it's important that we just keep him healthy during spring, get him a limited amount of reps just to get him back in the flow of the game. But he certainly will be important to our football team."


On MarQueis Gray's progression:

"I think he's doing very well. He's seeing all kinds of coverages. He's seen probably five, six different coverages, all kinds of blitzes. I think he's getting better on a daily basis. You're going to throw some interceptions and things in practice. Throw it in practice, not in the game. Learn, teach from it in film. I don't want him to sit there, hesitate, being afraid to make a mistake. So he'll learn from the film. I'm pleased with his advancement at this point."

On tight end Eric Lair's versatility:

"He's an athletic kid. He was a mismatch I thought last year. He's a guy that can do a lot of things."

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