Kim Royston Addresses Media

MINNEAPOLIS — Kim Royston took time to talk to the media about his return from injury, how practice is going as well as his leadership as a sixth year senior.

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Kim Royston on being one of the oldest players on the team:

"I don't feel like the old man too much because I haven't played too much football. I mean had to transfer and sit out here. I don't got too many miles on these legs so hopefully I get back to it this fall."

On how he feels returning from his injury:

"I mean I feel great. A lot of doctors and a lot of trainers said that I'm going to have to get over some stuff mentally after such a gruesome injury. But I'm not feeling too much hesitation being physical and what not so that's a good sign."

On how the younger players are responding to him as a leader:

"I think maybe even more so that they seen so much what I've gone through, maybe listen to me even more. So I think that me going through this injury shows that you can never have that quit attitude."

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