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Eden Prairie (Minn.) running back Andrew Larson visited the Gophers spring practice on Thursday. was able to catch up with him to discuss the visit and his performance at the Nike RISE combine in Chicago.

Andrew Larson and his father made the trip to Chicago, Illinois a few weeks ago for the Nike RISE combine. With his results he finished ended up being ranked 7th out of the 1,100 participants. Here is how Larson felt about his results and his experience.

"It was fun," he said. "I went there with my dad and we went there and spent the night. We went through and had a good time. I felt like I performed pretty well and overall it was a pretty good time.

"I feel like I did good but there's still room for improvement, definitely could do better in every single event. Overall I was pretty pleased with how I did. You know there are always things to improve—still a work in progress."

Larson has had a chance to talk to coaches about his results.

"Some of them saw it already," he said. "I talked to a couple and they were really pleased, they felt it was exactly where I need to be and they were all pretty happy to see those numbers."

Does the Eden Prairie running back anticipate any scholarship offers coming his way?

"Some schools want me to come to camp some schools want me to make a visit and see that I'm serious about them," Larson said. "It really increased my value as a potential recruit."

While Larson has yet to land an offer, three teams stand out to him.

"Still the Gophers, they've been my favorite team since I was five years old, and maybe Boston College and Iowa State," Larson said.

Larson, who attended spring practice on Thursday with teammates Drake Michaelson and Grayson Levine, was able to members of the coaching staff.

"I got to meet Billy Glasscock he was a really nice guy," the 5-foot-11, 194-pounder said. "I got to talk to Coach Anderson he was a funny guy I liked his coaching style and his methods in practiced I really related to him.

"I also met with Coach Kill as well. I like the Gophers a lot I like what they have to offer. I would like to take an unofficial visit sometime soon and get to know the coaches more and get a layout of the program and facilities."

Larson was impressed with the new Gopher coaches.

"I love it," he said. "They're tough on the guys but they're not crazy hard on them kind of a perfect balance."

Larson isn't sure if he'll be attending the spring game but says he more than likely will be there. Also on the slate are visits to South Dakota State, North Dakota State and Iowa State.

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