Nelson Ready to Play For Gophers

The Gophers highest rated commit for 2012, Philip Nelson, chatted with about the Minnesota's spring game and what he and his future teammates are doing to try and get better before making the jump to college.

Nelson, a 6-foot-2 quarterback out of Mankato was impressed with what he saw at the Gophers' spring game. "Looked a lot like how they practiced this spring, which is a good thing that Coach Kill makes practice just like games," he said.

How did it feel for Nelson to watch practice in the stadium he will one day play in? "Every time I come up and visit I just get extremely excited and I wish I could be there now playing with them," he said.

With a large number of recruits at the game, Nelson had a chance to meet some potential teammates. "I talked to [Jonah] Pirsig, [Jordan] Westerkamp, all the Cretin-Durham Hall kids, and plenty more. All of them really like it here," he explained.

Nelson got a feel for what some of the other recruits felt about the Gophers' new staff. "I had some conversations with these recruits and they say that this staff just flat out treats you better than others, makes you feel important because they tell you the truth on how they feel," said Nelson.

While at the spring game, Nelson got a chance to sit with his future teammates, Andre McDonald and Maxx Williams. The trio has already started working out together on their own to prepare for their career in the Maroon and Gold.

"I've been throwing to those guys for awhile now actually, we have probably worked out like five times and we do every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays," he said.

What does Nelson think this trio will bring to the Gophers in 2012? "Hardwork and the ability to learn," he said.

"We're just juniors right now in high school and we've been watching practice and picking up any tips we can legally, this summer we're all planning on going to the camps to our coaches can coach us personally. I believe by the time we get in the Gopher practices, we'll already know a lot of the stuff we need to know."

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