Tubby Smith Releases Statement

On Wednesday, Coach Tubby Smith released a statement saying that he underwent surgery just a few weeks ago to eradicate his body of prostate cancer. Read what Smith had to say about his recent battle.

With rumors swirling about a possible move to Maryland earlier this month, Tubby Smith had much more to worry about than just basketball. "Amid speculation I want to make it aware that I did in fact undergo a procedure on April 21 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester," said Smith

The Gophers coach added, "During my regular physical last spring it was discovered that my prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were high. A biopsy was done and it was discovered that I had early stages of prostate cancer. I am happy to say that the cancer was contained and removed and I am now cancer free and feeling great."

In his statement, Smith also wanted to thank his doctors for their excellent treatment. "I want to thank Dr. Gettman and Dr. Litin at the Mayo clinic for everything they have done for me," said Smith.

"I am a proponent of regular prostate examines and hope that men, especially African-American men, continue to have regular checkups. Again, I am feeling great and can't wait for the upcoming season."

With the return of Ralph Sampson III from the NBA and a healthy Tubby Smith on the sidelines, the Gophers looked poised for a return to the NCAA tournament.

Quotes courtesy of U of M Communications

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