Busy Summer Planned for Gray

Indianapolis Pike (Ind.) quarterback Aloyis Gray plans to camp at numerous schools this summer before he makes a commitment. Find out what schools will get a visit from the 6-foot-3, 165-pounder.

What schools have stopped by to see you this spring?
"Well we had our pro-day type work out and the big names out there today were Kentucky, Minnesota Cincinnati and Western Michigan. Also Schools like Oregon, Tennessee, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Mississippi State, Northwestern and Iowa have been in to see me and two other guys on our team just to do a quick check."

Did you get a chance to talk to the Minnesota coaches when they visited?
"No we aren't allowed to talk to them while they are out there or when they come to the school but I called Coach Phelps two weeks ago and he said they were very interested in what I had to offer at the quarterback spot."

Have you visited Minnesota yet or do you have plans to camp there this summer?
"I tried to get up there for the spring game but things fell through late, but I will probably try to make it out to camp."

With all the interest do you have a top list of schools or is everyone still in for you?
"Not yet. That will be done here in a few weeks."

When you visit schools...What are you looking for to see if it will be the right fight for you?
"For me relationships with the coaches are very key because if I'm not comfortable my play suffers. Number two is a master track for a real degree and number three is that they let me play quarterback in college."

I know you mentioned trying to get to Minnesota but do you have any other schools you are trying to visit this summer or any camps you plan to attend?
"As a team we are doing Ohio State, Cincinnati and Indiana. I think I will go to Michigan and Northwestern as well maybe Mississippi State."

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