Kieler Planning Five Official Visits

Gibraltar Carlson (Mich.) offensive tackle Kodi Kieler has six scholarship offers and he plans to use all five official visits before he makes a decision.

How's recruiting going for you lately? What teams have stopped by to see you this spring?
"Recruiting is going really fast now, Illinois and Iowa came two weeks ago and Penn State is stopped by last Tuesday."

Have you talked with Minnesota recently? Are they planning to stop by?
"Yeah they should be. When I went and took a tour of the campus over spring break they said they were going to come."

What did you think about Minnesota? Did anything stand out to you?
"The facilities there were the best I've seen so far and I like the college town atmosphere. I really liked it down there. I really liked the coaching staff"

When you visit schools. What are you looking for to see if it would be a good fit for you?
"I want to make sure I'm comfortable with the players and coaches first of all and making sure I like the offense the team is running. Also how quick I can make a contribution to the team."

Do you have any visits planned this summer?
"I plan on making a trip to see Ball State, Indiana and Illinois within the next couple weeks."

Are you planning on taking your five official visits this fall before you make a decision?
"Yeah, that's what I've been wanting to do."

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