Hinojosa Closing in on Commitment?

Defensive lineman Jordan Hinojosa of Miami (Fla.) Central has the Gophers in front for his recruitment. Is he close to making a decision?

What offers do you have right now?
"Well so far as you know, I do have the University of Minnesota, I have Western Michigan, I have Wake Forest, Michigan State. My father told me the other day that the University of Kentucky is about to offer me. FIU offered me and West Virginia.

Who are your top teams?
Right now it's Michigan State and the University of Minnesota.

Are you going to Arkansas this week for camp?
They told me they want me to stop by and check out their university and go to their camp as well. Hopefully I get my first SEC scholarship.

After that are you making the trip to Minnesota for a camp?
I'm pretty sure next week I'm going to be able to come up with a couple of my teammates, Brian Nicholson, Samad Hinds, Darreal Joyner, Josh Ballesteros. Not next week but the week after I'm going to be going to the Minnesota camp.

Has Brian Nicholson told you if he is committed?
Yes sir, he told me that he committed as well.

What do you like about Minnesota?
The University of Minnesota is my number one choice out of all the universities that have offered me so far. Point being, Coach Kill and what he did at NIU and Coach Miller, how he's been recruiting me. Every time I talk to him I can hear the sincerity coming out of his voice and how badly he wants me to go there. I'm really considering them, almost to the point where I'm about to commit to them.

The Twin Cities is the number three place in the country where they have the most businesses, Fortune 500 companies. A lot of family members of mine are business lawyers and that's what I want to be. After college, go to graduate school and become a lawyer like them.

What feedback have you gotten from the Minnesota staff?
Coach Miller and Coach Phelps both know that despite my height at the defensive end, I'm very quick off the ball and can play almost any position on the defensive line. They also like for my size that I'm very agile and I'm very fast. I'm all over the place. I play sideline to sideline.

That's why I'm really considering them. I know how Coach Phelps and Coach Miller just got there and so did Coach Kill and how he did at NIU and how he made them into a 10-win school, an 11-win school in three years. I know he's going to do big things up there. I've seen their past records and I've seen their history and I have a feeling that Coach Kill is going to bring the back to the U of M that they used to be.

As soon as he (Coach Miller) saw me play he said ‘I don't understand why no one's been offering you.' The University of Minnesota was my first scholarship offer. And also, that's why I'm really considering them because they were the ones how are actually giving me a chance to shine.

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