Freshman Profile: Grayson Levine highlights Eden Prairie (Minn.) safety Grayson Levine.

Profile: Grayson Levine
Size: 5-foot-11, 205 pounds
Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minn.
School: Eden Prairie
Position: Safety
Number: 23

Prep Career:
As a senior, Levine was named Associated Press and St. Paul Pioneer Press All-State teams. He finished the season with 47 tackles and three interceptions.

Coach Kill's Signing Day Evaluation:
"Grayson Levine is right here in town in Eden Prairie. We got a chance to evaluate him when we first got here. I got to meet him. Coach Claeys went out, our coordinator, watched him in basketball. We felt like we got a good evaluation of him. He was one of these again, Jesse Nelson I always rely on guys that are graduate assistants and people out in the camps working. I said, Hey, how did he do in camp, Jesse? He says, Coach, he's probably one of the better guys athletically we had in camp. His film matches up, and that's a tremendous program. So we're excited about him. He's a 200 pound kid, very, very intelligent. Another guy that's a 3.5, 3.6 GPA. Feel good about him. I really feel like he's going to be a great player for us."

Getting to Know Grayson Levine

Looking back, would you change anything about the recruiting process?
"I don't think so. I met a lot of really great people and got a chance to see a lot of schools."

What was your favorite part about the recruiting process and what was the worst?
"My favorite part was the official visits and the worst part was the driving to different camps."

Why did you end up picking Minnesota?
"The coaching staff was the main reason I chose Minnesota. They are a very intelligent coaching staff and I know they are going to turn things around."

What are your goals as a freshman?
"My goal is to get on the field and contribute right away."

Who are you rooming with?
"I'm in an apartment right now with Therien Cockran, Jephete Matilus, and Quinn Bauducco."

What have been your impressions of the new coaching staff?
They are very intelligent and know what they are talking about. They also have a very heavy emphasis on hard work and dedication, which I really like.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
"Not really, just listen to my iPod."

What are your favorite movies?
"I have too many favorite movies to name."

What is your favorite music to listen to?
"I like all types of music but I find myself normally listening to rap."

What are three things you can't live without?
"My iPod, my phone and my naps."

What's your favorite non-football hobby?

What are your thoughts about staying in your home state to play?
"I love it because I'm close to home which is great because my parents can come see me play and if I need to go home it's only a 30-minute drive."

University of Minnesota Athletic Communications contributed to this story.

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