Will Johnson Talks Top Four

Osseo (Minn.) tight end Will Johnson has picked up a lot of interest from schools around the country. GoldenSports.net was able to catch up with him and get an in-depth interview on what he likes about his current top four.

What teams have been recruiting you the hardest?
"Lately Iowa, Minnesota, Ole Miss and Auburn have been recruiting me the hardest. They're my top four right now but that could change, so it's a soft top four."

Which coaches do you feel you have the best relationship with?
"Of those four schools I have a pretty good relationship with Coach Reeves at Minnesota and Coach Markuson at Ole Miss. Those two coaches have been recruiting me for a very long time and both are very honest.

"They've kept contact with me throughout the whole recruiting process and both have been honest with me throughout the whole time. They've been open and honest with me and they don't put any pressure on me to commit sooner and they just want me to take my time and research the schools."

What do you like about each of your top four schools?
Auburn: "They're the defending national champs and they're the first SEC School to offer me. And being down there the atmosphere was unbelievable, just great atmosphere, great football, a great football town and great college community."

Ole Miss: "With Ole Miss again you get a real good college football feel, it's a college football town, it seems like the whole city knows and loves football there. And it's a college town it seems like there wouldn't be a city there without the college. The coaches have just been real nice and they haven't put any pressure on me unlike other schools, they told me to take my time and study other schools and get to know where I really want to go."

Iowa: "Iowa is a real college school for sending tight ends and players to the NFL. They're not too far from Minnesota and I've been able to get down there a couple times to see them."

Minnesota: "Minnesota is my home state school. They have a real good coaching staff coming in, Coach Kill he's fired up and excited and he's got a lot of good kids to commit there. He doesn't put a lot of pressure on me to commit and tells me to just take your time and get to know where you want to be."

What have been the main selling points that you've been hearing from each of those schools?
"Across the board it's been coming in and playing tight end early in my career. All of these schools it's been how they use their tight ends and how they see using me in their offense. Basically all of them have been trying to let me know that I have the potential to come in and get early playing time."

Have you researched how each of those teams use tight ends in their offenses?
"I know that Iowa throws to their tight end quite a bit. Ole Miss likes to have two to three tight ends in the game at a time. Auburn is going to run the spread and tight end is going to be a true wide tight end or as an H-back.

"Minnesota, I've looked at Coach Kill's offense in the past but don't know how they plan on using the tight end in this offense here. They run a pro-style type offense which is a pretty good offense for a tight end to be in."

Are you still on track to make a decision before your season starts?
"I'd love to have my decision made in the next month and have it made before the season starts especially before the first game but I just want to know personally where I want to go before I make a commitment so it kind of depends on how I feel."

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