Fall Camp Presser: Part 1

Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill addressed the media at the Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex on Thursday to discuss the team's upcoming fall camp.

"We're excited about the opportunity that will be coming upon us Monday," head coach Jerry Kill told the media Thursday. "Getting out on the field and throwing them out there and seeing what we have. It's been a long time since the spring, and now we're going into fall camp and we'll see how much work and progress we've made.

"We'll have some new young people that we haven't seen. We'll have the opportunity to see them and kind of see where our football team is. That's kind of where we're at--looking forward to it. And I'll take any questions that you all have."

With Minnesota's two-a-day camp only a few days away, the Gophers' head coach is anxious to see what type of team he has.

"Going into Monday, we know we have a team that's got to get a lot better than what they did from the spring," he told the media. "Did they put the work in this summer? Did they do what they needed to do in the weight room? Did they do what they needed to do conditioning-wise? Have they become better?

"I challenged them at the end of the spring that they had to be a lot better than what they were at the end of the spring. Hopefully, they've done their work. We'll know a lot more about that when we get to work with them throughout two-a-day camp."

Kill went on to say, "I had camp designed a long time ago, had practice schedules done. We just met today making sure everybody was on the same page. We got scripts done. We're ready to go.

"Everyday's a process, just like any job or any company runs. Each day's a process of an evaluation for us. You'll know pretty quick. You go three huddles on the first day, you'll find out who's done their work."

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