Presser Quotes: Duane Bennett

MINNEAPOLIS — Starting running back Duane Bennett answered questions from the media on Tuesday.

On if players fear or respect head coach Jerry Kill:
"Me as a player, I respect him more than anything but I know there are some guys that may fear him. At the same time, I feel he is man enough to go and talk to you when you need to be talked to. He's always there as far as a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. A lot of guys always think it's a fear or some type of dominance factor but at the same time Coach Kill is trying to help us learn as young men so we can go out and perform at our best and it's something we can carry over later on in life."

On if he would characterize Kill's approach to coaching similar to a high school coach:
"I wouldn't necessarily compare him to a high school coach—he's just a great coach. He's not one of those coaches that stands off to the side and kind of watch everything, he's really hands on and wants guys to know what they are doing. I think the biggest thing for him is he always says be accountable for himself. So he always wants to that he's putting in maximum effort to get maximum effort out of his players."

On the talented athletes playing for USC:
"They have a lot of athletes. They have a great team. We've been doing some game film, some constant studying on those guys and we know that they're going to have athletes all across the board whether it's on defense or special teams or on offense. We know that we have our hands full as far as that's concerned but at the same time, we have athletes as well. They put their pants on one leg at a time so we're going to go out that and game plan and we're going to make sure we have everything in our court taken care of before we start worrying about USC."

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