New Mexico State Presser Quotes

New Mexico State Aggies head football coach DeWayne Walker and two of his players held a press conference for their upcoming match-up with the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Here are some of the things they had to say on what they expect to see from Minnesota.

Aggies head coach Dewayne Walker on the program and coaching staff at Minnesota:
"Minnesota's a good football team they're well coached they're playing hard, they're pretty sound with what they're doing on both sides of the ball. They have a great returner, they have some very good players. Coach Kill and his staff have done a great job teaching this team to believe."

Walker on the type of offense they plan on seeing:
"I think with Gray in the game that's kind of who they are and that they can't throw the ball. They have a good wide receiver No. 6 he's a good player. But I think who they are right now early in the season until they can continue to create and establish their identity offensively they're going to put the ball in the quarterback's hands and let him go. Their running back No. 22 he's a good player too.

"That's kind of who they are right now in terms of running the ball and they do have the capabilities, he's not a terrible passer by any means I know he wants to play better and I think he's a little disappointed in himself. And their freshman quarterback No. 11 he did some good things too. I would think that they're going to continue to improve."

Walker on being able to compete with Minnesota and how they match-up with the Gophers:
"You would think so, we have to play good for four quarters. If you look back at the Ohio game if we play good for four quarters we could definitely played with Ohio much better than we did I think in the fourth quarter we played like what we need to play for a full football game. I think this team I think our guys are scrappy they're try hard guys our biggest challenge is finding out what we need to do for a full four quarters and just giving ourselves a chance to be in the game."

Walker on what they need to improve upon:
"I think it's pretty clear that we have a quarterback that can spin it and some wide receivers who can make plays we just need to be able to run the ball. Defensively we need to be more consistent in stopping the run. There were times in the game where we were right on I thought our secondary looked pretty good. We're going to probably have to put some heat on our secondary in this game just to control or even have a chance to manage their run game. And special teams we have to get better field position was just awful for us for most of the game we're not going to give our team a chance if we can't get better field position."

Wide receiver Kemonte' Bateman on what it will be like to go up against Minnesota and a Big Ten defense:
"From what our coaches told us yesterday that they're more disciplined than Ohio. They swarm more and faster than Ohio did this past Saturday. We just have to play our game we'll be ready for them. Today we'll be looking at the defense and how their defensive backs play. So far we know they play a little bit of quarters same thing that Ohio played but we'll have everything down."

Aggies linebacker Alexander LaVoy on what he knows about Minnesota's offense: "From what we know they have a talented quarterback, a talented runningback, they're definitely a good program and we're definitely going to fight hard against them they're a good squad and we're going to give them everything we got."

LaVoy on the possible challenge of Minnesota running the ball more than Ohio:
"It really doesn't matter to us or me personally, we're going to adjust to whatever they throw at us and we'll be just fine. Like I said we have a lot of talent and we like run stopping. We're not the biggest but we like to swarm and run to the ball and we like to hit hard."

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