Presser Quotes: Ryan Wynn

MINNEAPOLIS — Starting center Ryan Wynn fielded questions at Tuesday's press conference.

Starting center Ryan Wynn on playing in the Coliseum.
"It's a tough place to play. In some ways I love playing at home but I also love playing away. To me, when I got the crowd booing at me. Got the other team's sideline making chants and calls towards us. It just motives more because if I can get them to be quite, it's almost better than hearing my crowd at home go loud."

On the buzz about the football team around campus:
"I've got plenty of friends of mine outside of the team that I talk to everyday. As much as nobody was happy about the loss, everybody saw what we saw and that was that we beat ourselves on Saturday. In terms of, if make mistakes against a team like USC, they're going to capitalize."

On having TCF Bank Stadium and what it does to the atmosphere:
"I played in the last season at the Dome and I'll tell you what, I kind of felt like I was in foreign territory there. It just kind of seemed like a place we were renting out. TCB Bank Stadium is our home. When you're practicing in there with nobody in there is says Minnesota on the seats. That is our place. That is our home and we treat it as such. It's just a great feeling, it gives us an extra advantage."

On New Mexico State:
"We're playing against a good opponent in New Mexico State. I don't want anybody to write them off, they're going to give us quite a challenge. We're looking to basically build off of what we did in the second half last week."

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