Jerry Kill Stable Following Sideline Seizure

MINNEAPOLIS — With just second left in Saturday the unthinkable happened. As the Gophers were lining up for a fourth and 10, coach Jerry Kill collapsed on the sideline, suffering from a seizure. After the game, Doctor Pat Smith, as well as offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover, gave updates on Kill's condition.

Doctor Pat Smith, the Gophers' team doctor, informed the media of Jerry Kill's condition following the game.

"Coach Kill had an event today on the sideline. It was a seizure. Coach Kill has a history of seizures and he is stable. He has been transported to the hospital and there will be updates thereafter."

The medical staff on hand acted quickly to care for Kill.

"We were able to give him medications to sedate him, at no time was he in any harm in any way. He was breathing, his vital signs were absolutely normal and responded typical of someone responding to a seizure."

This history with seizures has developed since Kill's treatment for cancer.

"He has a history of them since his cancer, which has been well controlled through medications. There is a history of trouble with dehydration and heat seems to kick that up. It was very hot and humid today, we have to do a better job as a medical staff keeping him hydrated."

Offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover and other members of the coaching staff have dealt with this situation in the past.

"Unfortunatly the bad part is we have been through this before but I think that's also a blessing cause we've been able to handle this. As a group and as a staff we know what needs to be done. We've been versed in this before.

"Anytime you see something like that happen even if it's happened before, it's tough, it takes the wind out of you."

Despite earning the victory, New Mexico State coach Dewayne Walker was more concerned with his opposing coach's health.

"The game's not important at that point – when someone's laying down and you're not sure of their health. You're more concerned with what's going on with that particular person than winning on the last play of the game."

Despite the graphic-nature of the seizure, Kill is in stable condition and should make a full recovery.

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