Royston's Leads Players After Loss

MINNEAPOLIS — Sixth-year senior Kim Royston answered questions following Saturday's 28-21 loss to the Aggies of New Mexico State. Royston addressed the health of coach Jerry Kill as well as the performance of the defense during the game.

Royston was on the sidelines when head coach Jerry Kill collapsed from a seizure late in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game. Royston remained calm, knowing Kill's prior history with seizures.

"What I did myself was say a quick prayer," he said. "Coach Kill made us aware of his condition and that this could happen. The doctors told us he was stable. It inspired us. We know that he's a fiery guy. We have to go out and represent him now."

As an experienced player, and one of the Gophers' leaders, Royston will try to help his younger teammates following the loss.

"I think, myself being a leader on this team," he said. "I'll bring the guys together to make sure they won't do anything they regret after a tough loss and their coach down on the ground like that. I think it's my responsible to maybe get the guys together and keep a watchful eye on them and make sure we keep their spirits up."

Although Royston, and the rest of the Gopher defense, improved in the second half, he knows there is still work to do this week following the loss.

"Just like last week, we can't come out slow," he said. "We're a good football team, but when we get behind it's not good for anybody. All we can do is prepare for practice tomorrow."

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