Williams Enjoys Official Visit

The Gopher football team had a busy weekend, hosting four official visitors. Minnesota's lone running back commit for 2012, Rodrick Williams, made the trip from Lewisville (Texas) to see the Twin Cities campus for the first time. Williams recently spoke with GoldenSports.net to describe what he liked best about his visit.

Williams, a 5-foot-11, 220-pound running back out of Texas committed to the Gophers over a month ago without stepping foot on Minnesota's camp. He had plenty to see on a very busy official visit this past weekend.

"I got there Friday and we went out to dinner with just a couple of the players and a couple coaches from the coaching staff," he said. "And we just had dinner. I got to meet the coaching staff, my parents got to meet them too. They gave me a little preview of their football facility. We met the other two recruits from Florida (Barrington Morris and Dinero Moss)."

Williams' teammate and current Gopher commit Scott Ekpe also made the visit from Texas. The four 2012 commits formed a quick bond when they met.

"It was pretty good because the other two knew each other up there and we knew each other and we all basically felt like we were already on the same team," said Williams. "They were pretty cool too. They're pretty big size for their position. Yeah, they were pretty cool."

Williams had an eventful day on Saturday as the Gophers won their first game of the year against the Redhawks of Miami (Ohio).

"The next day we had breakfast and stuff," he said. "Then we toured the campus to look at all the campus had to offer. Then we watched the football game and we did the Victory Walk with the football players and we got to meet all of them. We saw the locker room which was pretty nice. After that we hung out with the football players at a hotel."

Meeting and spending time with the football team was a highlight for Williams.

"They were really cool," he said of the team. "I thought it was going to be a lot of Minnesota people. But all the football team was mostly people from Texas or people from Florida."

Sunday was spent accomplishing something that Williams had been looking forward to since his commitment to Minnesota in late July.

"Today (Sunday) I ate breakfast and went to Mall of America. That was pretty much it."

Williams' favorite part of the visit was getting to spend time with the Minnesota coaching staff.

"I guess being with the coaches because they were real cool," he said when asked what he liked most about the weekend.

"I had a position meeting with Coach [Brian] Anderson, the running back coach and I watched film with him. He just kind of went over what stuff they run and stuff like that. The coaches seem really cool. They seem really honest. It was just nice to meet them."

After watching film with his future position coach, Williams had a better feel for how he will fit into the Gophers' offensive scheme.

"I feel like I'm going to fit right in because they got some pretty good lineman and they run the ball a lot," he said. "And they're pretty much just a big downhill running team. That's pretty much what I do. I don't really do too many moves. I just run downhill."

Williams' relationship with the coaches was strengthened as tragedy struck during the visit.

"My grandfather, he died over this weekend while I was at the visit and they were just real genuine," he said. "They were real good and nice. I still had a good time. For a little bit I was kind of down but the coaches picked me up a little bit. They were real sensitive."

This bond with the coaching staff helped make Williams' verbal commitment even more solid.

"Yeah, I'm not going to even take anymore officials to anywhere else," he said. "I'm pretty sure this is the place I want to go. I felt right at home."

One minor drawback in an otherwise great official visit to the Twin Cities was the cool weather Minnesota experienced this past weekend.

"They told me it was going to be 70 degrees," he said. "It was not. It was like 55 but I got used to it after awhile."

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