Ekpe Reflects on Gopher Visit

Lewisville (Texas) defensive lineman Scott Ekpe has been committed to the Golden Gophers since mid-June and this past weekend made his first trip to Minnesota. GoldenSports.net was able to speak with Ekpe and find out how his visit went.

"My visit went great," Ekpe said. "I got to see a lot of things like the stadium, locker room, the practice locker room, weight room and basically got to see everything."

After his tour of the campus and facilities, there were a few things that really stuck out to Ekpe.

"I liked the stadium, the players were really cool and the locker room was really nice," he said. "It was amazing seeing a college stadium that big and seeing what a college level locker room and weight room are like in person."

While taking in the game, Ekpe said he could feel the difference between high school and college football.

"I got really hyped seeing the game and the stuff they were doing before the game and during it," said Ekpe. "You really don't get hyped like that for high school games."

While on campus three true freshmen gave him his tour of the campus.

"Michael Amaefula, Thieren Cockran and Joe Bjorklund were my hosts," he said. "They showed me around campus and around the town they were all really good to be around."

Ekpe had met a couple of the Gopher's coaches earlier this year but this was his time meeting the entire coaching staff.

"It was good meeting most of the staff for the first time," Ekpe said. "I've met Coach [Tracy] Claeys and Coach [Pat] Poore before but it was really fun to meet the entire staff in person. They were all really good guys."

No other teams have been in contact with Ekpe but he feels even if team a does contact him about a potential offer, he will still be a Gopher.

"No other teams have been talking to me, but I didn't have any interest in other teams before my visit," he said. "If another team did come start talking to me I'd tell them that I'm committed to Minnesota no matter what."

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