Presser Highlights: Jerry Kill

Jerry Kill addresses the loss to Michigan and the upcoming game against Purdue.

Coach Jerry Kill's opening statement:
"I guess my opening statement would be this. I think there is a guy that everybody knows, Murray Warmath would say, ‘If lessons are learned in defeat, our team is getting a great education.' So he's a guy that's a legend to pretty much tell you how I feel about things. We didn't do very well, and maybe we got an education, we'll see. I'll leave it with the guy that did a heck of a lot for this university and our football program."

On if MarQueis Gray will be ready for Saturday's game:
"We threw him on Saturday, he threw better because he was standing flat-footed. He wasn't leaning one way or the other, so he threw the ball pretty well, and that in some ways is a progression. It's just going to be if he's able to play full speed. I told our staff, I told our trainers, I told everybody, we can't afford to be playing people that are not full speed where we're at athletically, compared to other people in the Big Ten. We better have somebody out there full speed.

So right now going in, Max would be our starting quarterback until MarQueis is completely healthy. If MarQueis is healthy by Saturday, then that could change. But he's going to have to practice full speed and practice and get going. We'll just have to see how is he. He's progressed. There is no question about that. He's progressed. But is it enough to go out and play a game, I just don't know. We'll know a lot more as the week goes."

On changing the mentality of the team:
Some of the older kids have been through some very difficult situations and mentally we just don't have a fight back mentality. Is that the kids' fault? No. It's our program's fault, and right now it's my fault because I'm the head coach.

But I'm trying to change a mentality that's been embedded a little bit, and that's not easy to do. Shoot, we're working at it. I can tell that you. Lot of people go, ‘Coach, are you negative? Are you down?' No. It's a challenge. It's a great challenge. I came in Sunday, and we went to work. Hey, this is what we've got to do, man. Here it is."

On facing a balanced offensive team at Purdue:
"They've got a balanced attack. They're a good football team, all those kind of things. But right now we've got to worry about our kids mentally thinking that we've got to do what we need to do to get better. I think that is the biggest challenge we've got. We've got to get them mentally ready to play this game and learn how to do that. So that's what our challenge is."

On playing more young players:
"I went through each kid and said first of all, we need to make sure we're putting the right people out there. Second of all, okay, does this guy play hard? Does this guy play hard? Is football important to him? How does he feel? I didn't even ask him if they were scholarship players or redshirt players or what year they were. I just want to know who is giving us effort, wants to play hard, and that's who we're going to play. That's all you can do, and then you go recruit and keep working."

On the status of linemen Ed Olson and Jimmy Gjere:
"Olson's got a chance to practice. If he don't practice full speed, he's not practicing. And Jimmy Gjere is questionable right now. He will not practice."

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