Buggs Talks Visits, Leaders, and Decisions

With the departure of Ralph Sampson III and Trevor Mbakwe after this season, the Gophers are looking to reload with a skilled big man. One player who could help fill the void is 6-foot-8 forward Charles Buggs. The Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) standout recently took a visit to Minnesota and came away impressed with what the Maroon and Gold had to offer.

Buggs, a 6-foot-8, 210-pound forward, is one of the Gophers' top forward prospects for 2012. A versatile player, Buggs can bring a wide array of skills to his future team.

"My game is kind of inside with a little bit of post," he said. "I'm like a skill forward. I can play in and out. I feel like I do a lot of shooting so people just think I shoot the ball a lot but I'm also good at passing. That's such a key thing that I do."

This versatility has led to a plethora of teams interested in Buggs.

"There's a lot of them but the main three I've been talking to is Clemson, Arkansas, and then Minnesota," said Buggs when asked what schools he was looking at.

He has also earned a number of offers from some big name schools.

"Well right now I have one from UNC Charlotte, Marquette, and Minnesota," he said.

With a handful of offers, Buggs knows what he is looking for in a school.

"First would be academics," he said. "You know, basketball won't last forever so academics. Also, my family, we have good relationships with people. So to have a good relationship with the coaches and the players. Relationships is a big thing. And I guess a good team to play with because I want to win a national championship."

Two schools fit this criteria and are at the top of Buggs' list of favorites.

"I'm still talking to my parents but I'm leaning forward to right now is Arkansas and Minnesota," he said. "More to Minnesota but I'm still looking at between Arkansas and Minnesota."

Buggs took a recent visit to his top school, Minnesota.

"It went pretty well," he said of the visit. "I had a good time meeting the coaches and watching the team. It was good."

His favorite part was the team atmosphere.

"Seeing the practice and hanging out with the team," Buggs said of the highlight of his visit.

One thing that Buggs likes about Minnesota is the aggressive schemes the Gophers employ.

"Well my style of play, I'm more of a person who gets up and down the court," he said. "I like pushing the ball. And Minnesota, that's what the offense does a lot. I like Minnesota because of Tubby Smith. They do a lot of stuff that we do in high school. My school, at Hargrave, we do a lot of pressuring, pressure defense. We do a lot of running, a lot of running and gun stuff so that's why I like Minnesota."

Along with his earlier trip to Minnesota, Buggs plans on taking one more visit before making his college decision.

"Right now I just have one more and that's Arkansas but I will be selecting a school in the next week or two."

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