Clax Talks Season, Recruiting

Jazzmar Clax and the Neptune Scarlet Fliers are have started the season off with a 4-1 record. GoldenSports.Net was able to catch up with Clax and get the latest on his season and on his recruitment.

"The season has been going great, we're 4-1 with our homecoming game this Saturday and we've got our eyes set on another championship. I expect big things from our team," said Clax.

Clax plays both ways has also been doing his best to help the Scarlet Fliers on their way to a championship.

"I've been playing great trying, been trying to help my team by any means necessary and trying to stay injury free to play at the next level. We have seven games left, four in the regular season and three more including the playoffs and championship game.

After his fifth game Clax started to compile a highlight tape which he plans to get out to schools soon. While some teams such as Maryland and Stanford are waiting for his highlight film other schools have been busy recruiting Clax.

"I should have my tape out sometime this week, get that five game tape out since some coaches have been waiting to take a look at that," Clax said. "The University of Temple, Arizona State and some others schools like Cincinnati have come to see me but most others are waiting to see my tape.

With the way his season has been scheduled Clax has not been able to schedule any official visits as of yet but plans to make some trips after his season is over.

"I haven't had a chance to schedule any visits yet," Clax said. "It's kind of hard with my season and trying to figure out the timing and when I can get a chance, so I will probably take some visits after my season."

The Gophers are also one of the teams that have been keeping close tabs on Clax with Coach Phelps keeping in close contact with the talented linebacker.

"I talked to coach Phelps about two days ago and we had a long conversation about how things and how things are working out for me and trying to get me to become a future Gophers," said Clax. "I was also supposed to get a call from Coach Kill this week but I wasn't able to get it because I was at work so I'll have to try and call him back but it's kind of hard since the coaches are always busy."

Clax also does not plan on making a decision any time soon.

"I will probably wait till after my visits so I can get a good feel for all of the schools."

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