Live Evaluation: Kyle Hughes

A live scouting report of Minneapolis Washburn (Minn.) wide receiver Kyle Hughes during a section play-off game against Richfield.

Kyle Hughes
Class: 2012
Position: WR
Ht: 5'7"
Wt: 158
Recruiting Notes: Committed to Eastern Michigan. Interest from Iowa State, Northern Iowa, NDSU, UND, South Dakota, and Toledo.

What Kyle Hughes lacks in size, he more than makes up for with speed and agility. He is an excellent route runner who accelerates nicely out of his breaks to create separation. He catches the ball well on the run and has the ability to turn short throws into big plays, using his speed to gain yards after the catch.

He caught a long pass on the opening drive, easily running past the safety on his way to a touchdown. Later he carried the ball on an end-around play to score on a 2-point conversion. He is also a very versatile player, being used as a quarterback at times where he showed the ability to throw well on the run, he returns kicks, and does the holding for the PAT/FG unit.

While Hughes is a threat to make a big play at any moment, he is also prone to cause frustration for his team by dropping passes that should be caught. He seems to struggle when having to adjust to the ball or go up in traffic to make the catch. When the ball is thrown out in front of him and he can catch it in stride he has no problem pulling it in, but if he has to adjust and turn back towards the quarterback, he appears to have trouble tracking the ball properly.

He also has a tendency to carry the ball away from his body when running. He usually tucks it away before making contact, but if he gets hit from behind while carrying the ball that way he will most likely lose it. Both of these issues should be resolved in college with more practice and more coaching.

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