Presser Quotes: Jerry Kill

Coach Jerry Kill took questions on Penn State, the Badgers, and MarQueis Gray's progression at his weekly press conference.

Kill on MarQueis Gray's growth at quarterback:
I think he's made some plays and had some success. Once you have success, you build on that, and before long confidence is a great thing, whether it's a basketball Michael Jordan he went out there and knew he was going to make the shot. Maybe he didn't make it, but he thought he was going to. So confidence is a good thing. I think he's playing with some confidence over the last couple weeks.

Hopefully that will continue. Plus we've had some people around him make a few plays, and that helps also. It's a team thing. Offensive line wise, even though we've had a different group start each week, they have been able to hang in there and allow him to do some things also.

In all the years Coach Limegrover's been with me, this may be his best coaching job, because not very many people can have a different offensive line every week and have some continuity. We're playing, kids are playing hard, we don't always play as smart as we need to or as well as he'd like or I'd like. They are playing hard and giving MarQueis a chance to do some things.

On wide receivers who have stepped up:
[Devin Crawford-Tufts] has stepped up, and I think he's really playing well. It hurt when he went out of the game on Saturday and the last drive. It really hurt our football team because he can go vertical and do some things. He's done well. He gets injured and Ge'Shun [Harris] comes in, and the kid that we've been waiting on makes a good play. So I just think kids are learning right now. Unfortunately, we're learning playing games, but a lot of them haven't played a bunch of football. So I think some kids are getting better. But we'll see if they can continue to do that over the next three weeks mentally because it ain't going to get any easier.

On if Crawford-Tufts will play Saturday:
We hope so. He's going to practice today. He's got a quadriceps, got hit with the helmet in a quadriceps, and those things tighten up on you. But the best thing is to go out there, go to work, and see if we can get him loosened up. We'll see how he does in practice. We've got a few of them like that, but we know a lot more today once we run him around. So hopefully we can get him loosened up because he is important to what we do because he can stretch the field vertically.

On the Wisconsin Badgers:
They've just got a good football team. There are no weaknesses on that football team. They're two plays away from being the top two or three in the country, maybe the top team in the country. Just two shots away. So their running back is special. He's special, no question about that. He's special, quarterback's special. The receivers are special.

They can't be special unless you're good up front. And every football team that ever wins has got to be good up front on the offensive and defensive line. So they've begun good up front for a long time. They've got two seniors that are playing very well on the right side. That's who they are. They're a good football team, we understand that.

On the current situation at Penn State:
I can't really comment. They compared Coach Dantonio's illness to me, and, hey, I've been locked into what's going on with Wisconsin. Am I aware of the thing that's going on at Penn State? Yeah. I don't know the exact details and those kind of things.

I think as a head coach, I haven't been Joe-Pa. I can't touch that. The guy's an icon. I've been Jerry Kill, and I've come up in a different way than Coach Paterno has in the fact that I've coached high school. I've carried bags out. I've been a Division II coach. I've been on staffs with five people, so I knew everything that was going on.

I can tell you as the thing gets larger, and bigger and to tell you that I know every single thing that's going on in Gophers athletics with every individual, I couldn't do that. I think the bigger the operation, the more you do.

Do I know what our coaches do and those kind of things? I've been with them a long time. So I'm not there, and I can't judge. If I have a problem on our staff or we have a situation, I'm going to take care of it. No different than I am with the player. I've done it all my life.

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