Buggs Talks Commitment, Signing Day

After taking an official visit to Minnesota last month, Hargrave Academy (Va.) power forward Charles Buggs found what he was looking for in a college. He called Tubby Smith on Tuesday and signed his National Letter of Intent Wednesday to play for the Maroon and Gold next season. GoldenSports.net caught up Buggs to discuss his commitment and signing.

Buggs, a 6-foot-8 forward from Virginia is the type of player that Tubby Smith covets. Long, athletic, with a shooting stroke, Buggs has been a top Gopher target for some time. He made the call early Tuesday to Smith, letting his future coach know about his commitment.

"He was happy, kind of glad," said Buggs. "He didn't expect me so he was happy. I think he told everybody down there."

Buggs had been deciding between the Gophers and Arkansas but had his mind set on Minnesota for over a week.

"I was thinking about maybe committing for awhile, kind of the past week," he said. "But I was just talking to my parents to make sure they liked the team so it took time because of that."

The senior standout found plenty to like in Minnesota.

"The style of play because they have a good style of play," he said. "They get up and down the court and move the ball and they run a lot. And basically the coach [Tubby Smith]. He's about to be a Hall of Fame coach, he's won a title before and that's a big changing point that helped me make my decision."

Buggs was relieved to have made his commitment in time to sign with the Gophers on Wednesday morning.

"It feels good to get it off my chest," he said. "It relieves stress a lot. You don't have to worry about where you're going to go later in the year because there's more schools that would still be asking. And more basketball games now so I'm glad to get it over with when the season's just beginning."

Signing Day at Hargrave was a special occasion for the school.

"It was a little event, like a press conference," he said. "We took pictures and stuff. Then our coach talked about us, five of us signed today. It went really well."

Now that his commitment is out of the way, Buggs is looking to how he can help his future team next season.

"With me, I just want to be a good leader that will lead the team," he said. "I always said I wanted to win a National Championship. I can also help with passing."

Although he already took an official visit to Minnesota, Buggs is still looking to take in a Gopher basketball game this year.

"I think I might do that maybe during December during one of my holidays, I might come down there and check it out again."

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