Live Evaluation: Nick Davidson

Perennial powerhouse Eden Prairie beat Minnetonka 6-3 in the section finals to move ahead to the state tournament, thanks to a great defense and a solid running game with OL Nick Davidson helping to clear the way.

Nick Davidson
Eden Prairie
Class: 2012
Position: OL
Ht: 6' 6"
Wt: 275
Recruiting Notes: Offers from Clemson, Duke, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Ohio State, South Carolina, Stanford, Virginia Tech

Davidson shows excellent speed and agility for a player with his frame. He gets low and fires quickly out of his stance, and also has a quick pull step which allows him to get out in front of the ball carrier even when pulling from the backside tackle position. He is also a strong blocker who often puts defenders on their backs and continues blocking until the whistle, even if that means he has to find a second or third person to punish.

Davidson also appears to be a very reliable and disciplined lineman. Against Minnetonka, he didn't give up any sacks and committed zero penalties. Even when two defensive linemen in front of him jumped offside, he stayed in his stance without flinching. He plays hard and showed some toughness as well, getting up limping on several occasions but never coming out of the game when Eden Prairie had the ball.

Davidson has all the size, strength, and speed to excel at the next level, but there are a few areas where he can still improve. He has a tendency to lean forward too much and put his head down, which causes him to slip off his blocks occasionally and makes it difficult in pass protection to adjust to pass rushers who quickly change direction or spin away from him because he is not balanced enough in his stance to move with them.

Davidson also has a habit of pushing defenders at the line of scrimmage instead of locking on to them and driving them back. He will probably find it difficult to push defensive linemen in college as easily as he does now, so improving his technique and using his hands and feet better will make him a much more effective blocker.

Physical Attributes – 59/65
Mental Attributes – 9/10
Skills & Ability – 21/25


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